Coober Pedy, capital world’s Opal production!


Coober Pedy, capital world’s Opal production!

Arrived in Coober Pedy after 6-hour drive in the desert, I did not know where I was going to sleep. I did a quick tour, I searched for the underground houses, but they are all very distant from each other, so it was difficult to try to invite me. I therefore tried to hit the more ‘classic’ houses, and the third, Mr, Lez, told me “fit, I’ll help you.” The problem is that it was very slow, and I saw good night fall unless he cannot find solution!

He wasn’t there, but he called a Hungarian friend (he was himself Hungarian), and this friend told him “I arrive in 5 minutes”, he put 20 minutes to arrive. Lez explained to him that I was looking for a roof against a show. His friend was not at all interested. However it was proposed to accompany me to the Church where he knew the priest. We went there, the priest was not there. I lost over an hour in the history, I was disappointed! The night began to fall, I hit a last home before going to see two hotels. I enchaînais the refusal!

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