A bike in the living room, + sausage

Un Vélo Dans Le Salon, + Un Saucisson

As I am at home a few days (at Crepainville), the time to regain strength, to customize my car and prepare the continuation of the project, I decided to share my statistics for 7 weeks.
I slept in 44 houses in 47 days!
And 36 times in the morning I didn’t know where I was going to sleep the same evening!

On average it is the 3rd House that me opens his door at night. 12 times the first house where I introduced myself invited me. The worst night was Christmas Eve, where I hit to 12 gates, but 2/3 réveillonnaient not at home… Otherwise it’s Soucy which gets the “black” Palm with 9 refusal and to tell the truth, it is not that much!

In short, the French are hyper-friendly, and it’s nice to know!

Thanks again to all the people who welcomed me and encouraged in my approach. Thanks to my 23 sponsors, and thank you all, my “followers” for the reasoning that you give me to pursue my dreams.
And this is only the beginning, still 131 days to share together in this project!

Here are 42 families who have welcomed me for a night or more than fond memories!

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